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Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

1)    The #1 movie at the box office last  weekend was “The Vow“.  It’s an incredible true story of love and commitment. I don’t know the liberties the movie takes with the book and true story but I am grateful that the real-life couple in “The Vow”,  Kim and Krickitt Carpenter are reminding people the place that Christ played in their story. The Carpenters appeared on The Today Show earlier this week to promote the book and movie. This clip below includes an portion from the book that shares about their faith:

It was so encouraging to see them continually draw attention to their faith and the importance of commitment in to their TV interview. The book shares more of that emphasis so read the exerpt with the clip above .  You can order the book through Lifeway.  (HT @edstetzer)

2)    We so often hear in our culture of the deaths of celebrities and athletes that was the finish to amount of tragedy. While we are aware that these tragic and troublesome (albeit often the trouble is self-inflicted) stories of celebrities & athletes lives (off stage & off-the field) preceding their deaths; as Christians we often don’t know how to respond. As Whitney Houston’s funeral is today Marty Duren gives Christians great insight with his article: Reflections on Celebrity Deaths.  He wisely points us to avoid “sloppy, sappy, sentimental theology,” and passing rank judgment while we look for ways to not be silent but to speak with wisdom, grace and truth.

On a different end of the spectrum this week was the passing of the 57 year old Hall of Fame catcher, Gary Carter. Many baseball pundits argued what place Carter will go down as being one of the all time great catchers. At the same time stories emerged of a man that lived a life and left a legacy more important than any of his accomplishments as a player. World Magazine captured the refreshing and encouraging account of this man that was a husband (married 37 years), father, grandfather, humble coach.

3)   It does not matter if you watch basketball or care about sports at all to have some interest in the New York Knicks recent phenomenal play and story of Jeremy Lin. As a matter of fact you would almost have to be on a deserted island this last week to have not heard about the phenomenon surrounding him called, Linsanity. Bryan Cribb, a professor at Anderson University, in his article helps us take Linsanity & Tebow-mania all in.

4)   February 19 will mark 200 years since the first (known) American foreign missionaries, Adoniram & Ann Judson, departed America for India settling eventually in Burma (now called Myanmar).  To read about their lives and ministry will challenge and inspire you. Their lives teach us not just about taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth but they teach us about a deep affection for Christ among much suffering. It was a great joy when I visited where they were baptized at William Carey’s church in Calcutta and saw the fruits of their ministry that remains and grows on my visit to India and Myanmar 9 years ago. I want to encourage you to know more about them not just for knowledge’s sake but I promise you will be challenged and encouraged in your walk with Jesus Christ.

John Piper has done a great service to us in his biographical piece on Adoniram Judson. He also wrote a piece on Judson in his fifth book in the Swans are Not Silent series that also tells of the lives of William Tyndale, and John Paton. It is available as a  free book download in PDF. The stories show “how the gospel advances not only through the faithful proclamation of the truth but through representing the afflictions of Christ in our sufferings.”

Also, Jason Duesing and other contributing professors have Southwestern Seminary have written this week a  four-part series on Judson’s life and impact.


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