Don’t Forget your Friday Freebies

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Are you not able to get away for this holiday weekend? Well, if you stay or if you go here are some freebies you can hear and read to help encourage your Christian walk while you enjoy your Memorial Day stay/va-cation. Also a couple of contests you can register for.  If you win it will certainly make the weekend more memorable for you. 🙂  Enjoy!

Regardless of your views on “event” evangelism  who doesn’t need a 15-foot bounce castle? (Maybe that’s just the father of four in me talking)  Group is giving one away at the end of this month. Go here to register.

Of course the normal players are involved (Tim Challies and Thom Rainer)  with their Friday giveaway contests  (that on end on Saturday). An added bonus is that Challies is promoting a great book for us to join Reading Classics Together. The book is The Hidden Life of Prayer originally published almost 100 years ago by Scottish pastor David McIntyre .
This holiday weekend would be a great time to get started on this great read. On Challies site you can access a link to a free PDF download and Christian Audio is making it available free with a special code. Click here to take advantage. Simply add the book to your cart and apply the coupon code HLOP12. That will reduce the price to $0.00. Then follow the checkout procedure and you will be all set.

John Piper once said, “God brings books at their appointed times. The Hidden Life of Prayer arrived late but well-timed. This little jewel-strewn tapestry has done for me at 64 what Bounds’ Power Through Prayer did at 34. I could be ashamed that I need inspiration for the highest privilege. But I choose to be thankful.”  HT@Challies

Hymns for the Ascension – Cardiphonia has released a new album of hymns based on the theme of  Christ’s ascension. It’s free for you to download.

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae’s Church Clothes is available free to download.


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