Church Planting in Atlanta, the Southern Baptist Convention, and Legoland. A Summer Rewind.

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

The summer is a season where our regular routines are disrupted a bit.  Schools are on break, vacations are in full swing, different ministry opportunities abound, and it is hot (like 104 right now).  The detours in our routine can provide an excellent opportunity to be refreshed and renewed or at times they can overwhelm us. This last month I seem to be in the latter category. This summer has started off with a bang and has not stopped and does not show any signs of letting up so let me give you a recap. The first week of June was spent with my two oldest kids, folks from the church I am privileged to pastor, and Peach Valley Baptist Church getting to partner with church plants in inside the perimeter in Atlanta. You can read more about that here and learn more about the great needs inside the perimeter of Atlanta. That was an incredible and exhausting time of sweet labor in the Gospel (that we pray will continue as a partnership and not just a one and done mission trip).

After a week of catch-up I had the great privilege to travel to New Orleans (via Orlando; don’t ask that’s just how my family rolls:) ) and participate and a historic and pivotal moment in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  This exciting moment was the election of Fred Luther as the president of the SBC. Fred is passionate about his love of Jesus, has been a faithful pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church  in the hurricane ravaged city of New Orleans, and he is the first African-American SBC president. There is much to be said about this and Lord willing, I hope to post more about it during a future date, but take a few minutes and look over the newscasts and interviews following his election . Celebrate what this means historically and pray for Fred Luther.

For my wife and kids the excitement of this SBC meeting meant hanging out with family in Orlando while I was in New Orleans. If you wondering how Orlando is on the way to New Orleans from upstate South Carolina, it’s not (except on my wife’s map)! I got to spend a special day at LEGOland with my son in the midst of our travels. For a grown man who loved Legos as a kid and for my son who loves them now it was a great treat. I think he would say this was his favorite moment there though:

So much more could be added about the annual SBC meeting as we celebrated missions, passed helpful resolutions, and enjoyed genuine fellowship. I hope to post more helpful recaps of this summer but the joys and demands of life, ministry, and following King Jesus for now look to keep me from it. While I strive to post blurbs here and there and maybe post more about this summer’s activities I want to primarily focus on living and ministering the remainder of this summer (Vacation Bible School, family vacation, etc.) to the glory of God. Please pray that I would do this and stay tuned.

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