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Uniting believers for the purpose of loving our city to life in Christ


 Come Closer is a network of partnering churches, marketplace ministries, and Kingdom-minded individuals who are committed to coming closer to the Lord, closer to each other, and closer to our city, all for the purpose of loving our city to life in Christ.

We desire to see four things occur as the body of Christ joins together to meet the needs of hurting people in Spartanburg:

An increase in the number of Christians living life on mission.

An increase in the number of Christ-followers in our city.

An increase in caring for the needs of the poor among us.

An increase in Kingdom influence in all spheres of our city.

It has been so exciting to see what God is doing through our community and in our churches through Come Closer. As we gathered and were scattered across the city of Spartanburg for a week of focused ministry impact and worship during July we had the privilege to be a part of some incredible ministry. We are excited that this is growing from just ministry activities and projects to a genuine City Transformation movement.


 * Up to 75% of those who live in Spartanburg do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

North American Mission Board Community Survey Statistics

* 43% of children under age 18 in the city of Spartanburg are living in poverty.

American Community Survey performed in 2007 listed in the City of Spartanburg’s current 5 year plan,

* Up to 1,700 children in District 7 schools are not eating regularly when not at school.

Reported by Shepherd’s Door Ministries

 * Spartanburg has been identified as one of the most dangerous cities to live in the United States.

Neighborhood Scout – 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States


 If you desire to be part of a network of churches, marketplace ministries, and Kingdom-minded individuals working together to love our city to life in Christ, simply email us at:

Please pray for our city and participate in City Transformation. You are  invited to join us for two very special gatherings:

City Transformation Vision-Casting                           City Transformation Training Session

Saturday, August 18th   9:00am – 11:00am                  Saturday, September 29th  9:00am – 4:00pm

                         at The Journey Church                                                    Location to be determined

    150 S. Forest St. Spartanburg, SC 29306                          Specifics will be made available by email


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