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As College Football season kicks-off and the NFL is right behind here are a few links to catch between games that for those of us who follow Christ will hopefully give us some help and encouragement:

The story of Chris Norman. This short video tells the story of Michigan State football great that “dreamed of playing pro football until he got the call for something better.”

Brandon Clements helps us with his post: A Few Reminders for Christian College Football Fans.

Remember, rather it is football or another sport you cheer on, that sports are a gift from God but we will waste this gift if we play/watch for our own glory.  C. J. Mahaney’s little book for Christians that are sports enthusiasts, Don’t Waste Your Sports, is helpful to us with this.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday rather you team wins big (see Georgia Tech over Cumberland College below) or loses and you will be able to worship the giver of all good gifts, King Jesus, on Sunday.