News, Notes, & Posts to Help Equip You this Weekend

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

With the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting around the corner much discussion will be made about the  Pastors’ Task Force that was formed at the 2013 annual meeting to assess and respond to the decline in Southern Baptist evangelism and baptisms. Baptist Press reports on their report that was released here. To read their full report click here. I would encourage you to start with the summary report here (that includes a brief video challenge to increase evangelism and discipleship ) and pray God uses it to ignite repentence and revival in our churches.

Much discussion on this Task Force will focus on our lack of evangelism(& rightfully so) but I would back up and say we need to biblically understand evangelism before we can really talk about our lack of doing it.  Mack Stiles does briefly that and writes about nine other things we should know about evangelism in his helpful post here.

The North American Mission Board(NAMB) is hosting a breakfast to discuss how the local church can minister to people dealing with mental health issues at the SBC. While the circumestances are tragic surrounding why mental health is finally becoming more of a front-burner discussion in evangelical and SBC circles, this discussion needs to happen. I pray just as many attend this as do the Gospel Project or B21 meetings. I am grateful that NAMB is leading this discussion.

I am grateful that our local movement Come Closer Spartanburg,   a partnership of churches, business leaders, and prayer warrior,  chose the Every Child Initiative as our primary focus for 2014. As God’s people, we can visibly and tangibly put our faith on display by caring for the orphaned, displaced, and fatherless children in our community. I have talked a good bit about having a heart for the fatherless, most recently here.  I was recently directed to this powerfully short video(though not necessarily from a Christian point of view) titled ReMoved . It brings awareness, will encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and advocating to mobilize foster parents.

Thom Rainer has a helpful post on the common factor seen in declining churches.

Enjoy your weekend and may these links encourage and equip you for our Savior’s Kingdom mission!



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