Happy Halloween, I Mean Reformation Day

Posted: October 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am not doing an annual Halloween/Missional/Reformation Day post, but many are like my friend at Here I Blog as he covers the old debate of dealing with Halloween as Christians should . There are some good posts out there for this season so check them out as you prepare for the night of October 31 or as you recline and wait for your kids to come off a sugar high.

Ed Stetzer discusses why you should go Trick-Or-Treating tonight.

Craig Thompson at Passion for Preaching answers the question Why Christians Have a Responsibility to Observe Halloween? It is a good read and discusses as Christians we shouldn’t just provide a safe alternative to Halloween, but we are to launch a full frontal assault on the gates of hell.

You’ll want to check out this catchy brief video on the origin of Halloween

Maybe you are like my friend, church historian Nathan Finn, as he’ll celebrate “Reforween“, it’s his favorite holiday and his family will be nailing zombies to the church door and passing out candy to monks 😉


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